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From source:
Time for another Antagonist, this time from the movie Equestria Girls: Sunset Shimmer.
Concept is Wizard with a Flame-Whip.

Next to come: APPLE BLOOM


This is my "My little Pony~Friendship is Magic" humanized series.

Someday I had the crazy idea to want some characters from "My little Pony Friendship is Magic" as Humans in RPG-Style.

I can't draw, so I asked my good friend maxwindy because of this and he glady accepted to draw them whenever he has the time. Thank you dude, you rock. :) (Smile)

If you have another idea which one to do next, feel free to contact, but please ask for permission first if you want to use them.

Commissioned by me, artwork drawn by maxwindy. Check out his gallery, he's just awesome. ;) (Wink)

My little Pony~Friendship is Magic and its characters are owned by Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
safe1659091 artist:yatonokami50 sunset shimmer60964 human150265 equestria girls193716 alternative cutie mark placement1645 breasts265610 burning clothes1 cleavage33315 commission63564 cutie mark45479 fantasy class1468 female1321962 fire11048 humanized98037 pyromancy169 rpg1055 simple background377736 solo1033524 transparent background195447 weapon29459 whip1625


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I really loved how the artist made Sunset look in this. It's really well made. I would really love to see more Sunset Shimmer art by this Maxwindy guy :D
Master Fox

You know what, I'd figure a wizard with a fire whip would prioritize flameproof clothes. … Although I wouldn't mind a long drawn out battle with her. :D

Sunset Shimmer Fan
Wow, it's been forever since Maxwindy's done anything. Nice to see him back even if only for a one-off commission.

One of the best ponies + one of the best humanization artists = much happiness
Background Pony #4E71
wow, I remember the Scotaloo with a Tonfa… long time no See… Welcome back man.