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Tatzlpones tend to inspect each and every living creature they encounter by swallowing and spitting them back out. It is important to discourage this behavior in your pet tatzlpone at a young age. Refrain from hitting your tatzlpone and instead scold him/her with a stern voice until he/she uncoils and be sure to provide lots of positive reinforcement when your tatzlpone refrains from doing this.

It is also important to not confuse this behavior with when a tatzlpone simply wraps it's coils around someone. This is a simple show of affection, akin to a hug, and should not be discouraged as it can cause your tatzlpone to become fearful around others.
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Background Pony #B4AB
Haters going to hate and I don't know wiy….hmm oh ya :scout: beat that you dumb wearing dope :dock: you doomcomef :demoman: ay wut ded Iy mes :: get the f&*@$ out :all: okay ya yes.
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
Is there a tag for that, the initial image that gets repeated by others and Becomes A Thing. "Meme Origin" doesn't do it 'cause that's more the of a picture that gets used as an image macro over and over, I don't see it on things like this.

Anyway, you, Mr. Kraus, are a mad genius.
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Planeswalker — FoME
"Whenever Lickitung comes across something new, it will unfailingly give it a lick. It does so because it memorizes things by texture and by taste. It is somewhat put off by sour things."
—Ruby/Sapphire Pokédex entry
Background Pony #CB37
The implied rape and implied foalcon tags don't seem necessary considering the description.