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It's in the genes
safe1707144 screencap222272 applejack169974 maud pie12471 pinkie pie216272 rarity181905 twilight sparkle300408 alicorn224559 earth pony248999 pony968256 bats!1725 maud pie (episode)1287 bone3014 collage1395 comparison4607 cropped49338 digging127 drill185 drill hair57 drill mane14 equestria's best big sister30 female1363743 gem6020 mare480956 pickelhaube163 pie family282 rock4466 runs in the family27 sisters8854 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123685 underground184


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Background Pony #E03A
I don't know what is more scary, Maud crushing solid rock with her hooves or Pinkie digging through packed earth with her mane :/