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"I threw it."
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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag

That was with a boulder.

If she threw something much lighter, Like a Griffon, she might possibly get that character to reach the moon. Or, maybe she’s just good at throwing rocks. I don’t know.
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Background Pony #C9D9
@Darth Sonic
Probably. But in a long run i too headcanonized earth ponies natural athletic skills.
From season 1 when you can see them move effortlessly those snow plowers in winter wrap up while twilight was totally unable without using magic, seeing AJ and Big Mac (he was even able to move an house) specs, the way chikadee on the loose was like a some kind of road roller on the loose, and many other things. I seriously think that earth ponies, even being not everyone able to nuke with rocks, have inborn superior athletic stats compared to pegasi and unicorns.
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Flak 0D4D
@Darth Sonic
Most unicorns can’t do a fraction of the shit Twilight can pull off with magic. Same goes for pegasi and Dash.

Most earth ponies can’t stop heavy carriages running down a cliff with their hindlegs, nor can they pull an entire goddamn house like it was nothing.
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