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Dat earth pony strength.
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Makes sense since as a kid she moved rocks around

Now my headcanon is The Pie's that don't work at the farm are Badass Mountain Rescue Rangers
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@AIDS Kitten
Maude's mind was probably already focused on the rocks. It just gave her an excuse to do what she does best.

And sure, Twilight could have used Telekinesis, or RD could have flown in and snatched Pinkie, or AJ could have done that thing where she uses her hindlegs to stop heavy objects sliding downhill like in Mare-do-well, or maybe Rarity could have flirted with the rock, or Fluttershy could have called some animal friends or hulked out.

But it wouldn't have even been half as cool as Maude fucking murdering a boulder with her bare hooves.
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What I want to know is if Maude is just ludicrously strong or if she has some kind of specific magical mastery of rocks because of her special talent. I mean, breaking rocks is one thing, but chewing and swallowing them without any side effects goes beyond the bounds of normal strength. Starting to think she might be partially made of rock…

There are varying degrees of goth. The Dark One's attitude and Maud's non-existant desire to express excitement easily qualify for more toned down versions of goth.

Most animators draw these characters with some mascara or darkness over their eye, but nothing much else physically indicating their being partially goth besides their lack of a smile.

He was the most memorable. That's what I meant by 'main'.

Also, why do people mistake goths and emos to be under the EXACT same umbrella?

Early goth tropes, which kind of evolved from late beatniks, were toned down people emotionally disinterested in mostly everything, some full of scorn, and loved doing untraditional poetry.

That would apply to both Maud and The Dark One.
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Gizmonics Scientist
You mean The Dark One? He wasn't really Emo, he had a lack of respect for anyone and had a disgust for others but nothing more beyond that to make him emo, Zuko was more emo even when he lightened up.
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@Background Pony #330F
I have a WW1 related theory myself, you know you sometimes see Airships on this Show, my theory is that they sometimes use Airships as Bombers like what the Germans did in WW1
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


Yeah, like this.

They're sold as motorcycle helmets. I mean, I'm agree with what you're calling them, but I wonder if the animator is consciously copying that type of motorcycle helmet instead of unsconsiously combining the picklehaube and the stahlhelm.