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safe1770127 artist:assasinmonkey827 applejack174814 fluttershy219064 pinkie pie221877 rainbow dash240366 rarity187267 twilight sparkle308466 breezie2211 it ain't easy being breezies913 applebreezie73 breezie pie55 breezie world10 breeziefied500 color porn1080 featured image919 female1418825 flower27102 flutterbreez86 glowing5309 glowing mushroom61 mane six32853 mushroom1003 phosphorescence4 rainbow breez61 rarbreez53 scenery8319 scenery porn873 species swap20940 sweet dreams fuel1687 twilight breezie69 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127163 wallpaper18958


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Can we go back to talking about ponies now? :(
This whole argument is getting rather silly. For one thing, TFP’s original comment wasn’t even directed at you, Comisdazied. It was directed at Kaz, who is an old hand here and knows how TFP operates. You’ll note that he didn’t really take offense at what was said. If he wasn’t offended, there’s really no reason for anyone else to be offended either, especially since they were not the intended recipient of the comment. It’s probably best if we all just leave well enough alone and not borrow trouble where it didn’t exist in the first place. That, and go back to talking about ponies.

Hoof Enthusiast
@The Frowning Pony  
alright, it’s my mistake then.  
I was confused by site rule #1, which implies that you should “be excellent to each other.”  
I didn’t realize that you can just tell anyone that you don’t like to fuck off.
The Frowning Pony

Saying “you’re the first pretty girl I’ve seen today” after talking to 50ish other girls within earshot is totally just a compliment and not insulting to the rest of them, nope.
I get much more enjoyment out of all this than not.
And Deserter already answered your question.

Hoof Enthusiast
@The Frowning Pony  
“Something that actually deserves to be in the featured images; it’s about time.”  
The first in however many featured images which preceded this image to receive the poster’s approval? I’d say that it’s a very positive opinion about this piece of art, yes.
Why are you here if you don’t enjoy what you are doing? You were miffed by a random poster with an opinion which was not directed towards yourself in any way. If you’re paying to do something that only makes you irritable, that’s pretty fucked up.
The next time that someone’s opinion differs from my own on this site, am I able to just tell them to get the fuck out?  
or is that merely admin privilege?
The Frowning Pony

“Positive opinion on a piece of art”
Get some reading comprehension, or did you miss out the “actually deserves” and “it’s about time”? ie. none of the 47 images featured previously deserved to be featured. That sure is positive!
And I’ll be “professional” when modding this place becomes a profession, rather than something I pay for and do on my free time.
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This cykas my blyats
I’m fairly certain you can say fuck freely (as long as you’re not insulting anyone that is), we’re all adults here. Or old enough to not get our panties in a bunch over it.

Hoof Enthusiast
@Joseph Raszagal  
I feel that telling someone who is simply sharing their positive opinion on a piece of art to “Get the (insert word here that only super pro admin can say without getting banned) out” can be classified as “edgy.”  
It doesn’t really matter.  
The bottom line is that it’s very unprofessional.

Hoof Enthusiast
@Joseph Raszagal  
The image isn’t edgy.  
No one said that the image is edgy.  
The needlessly antagonistic procore epic administrator (wow look at that awesome name color because everyone cares that you’re a site administrator) is who I referred to as being “edgy.”
Don’t you think it’s a bit unfair that an arrogant site administrator can disobey whatever rules he/she chooses to, but the rest of us are forced to be painstakingly nice?
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Do I even need to reply to anyone in particular in order to ask just what about this image makes it edgy?
I just assumed it was damn pretty.
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Downvote Addict
I’ve been needing a new desktop background.
You should have learned what that word meant before you went and cemented yourself even further as a moron.
@Background Pony #4526  
And then there’s you…  
Such unfunny  
very fail  
The doge was put to sleep a while back. Let him rest in piece already.