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safe (1343737)artist:mattmankoga (21)applejack (139465)fluttershy (174103)pinkie pie (179340)rainbow dash (193726)rarity (148492)twilight sparkle (245984)armpits (32262)bed (28531)body pillow (2654)body pillow design (1684)clothes (328438)humanized (85734)mane six (24475)midriff (15380)on back (19052)socks (45477)tanktop (5403)


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10 comments posted
Background Pony #9888
On the one hand, I can never ever support Black Twilight.

On the other hand, This guy’s art is obviously done in MS Paint but still looks decent, so kudos to him.
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Since the Beginning
Duck - Quite attached to Lightningbolt. Exemplary.

@James Rye
As far as I knew, Twi was asian and the other ones were white (according to MS,and most artists), and pinkie was sometimes portraited black (I can’t even figure out why)and sometimes Twi was kinda brunette
Never does that shit make any sense
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