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Tony Moore and I got together over the weekend and now this My Little Pony sketch cover exists in the world. Bet you cant guess who did what side! :P

(This is a sketch cover, meaning Katie and Tony drew on a blank cover. It's not an official comic book cover.)
semi-grimdark30251 artist:katiecandraw264 artist:tony moore2 fluttershy215023 pinkie pie218296 rainbow dash236326 earth pony257166 pegasus300589 pony988767 idw15386 spoiler:comic10702 badass3294 bone3101 dark mirror universe183 dystopia60 female1382736 hoers3376 horseface84 katie does it again34 lord humungous2 mad max198 mare491757 metal as fuck169 skeleton1920 the road warrior13 vulgar20954


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Beau Skunky
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Cute wittle skunku
This is priceless, and nice comic book satire.
Surprised, Katie had Dashie kinda cuss here. lol

Heck, the guy who voiced Eggman was afraid he'd get in trouble just for saying, "Snooping as usual."
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Young Leosword
They've the time to make fake covers? Why do they come out so slowly? (Unless that's how fast regular comics come out and came out in the golden and/or silver age. :T )