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I won't lie. I started off interested, but lost interest….

Panel two, Celestia:
Oh, no you don't!

Celestia grabs Spike with her magic, pulling him back to her as he clings title to the edge of the comic panel and Chrysalis watches with a smile.

Panel 5, Celestia:
Now Spike, Chrysalis and myself have come to an agreement that will form an alliance between our people. But, only after she marries the father of the next generation of changeling.

That is great, so who is the lucky PONY?

Panel 6, Chrysalis:
It is time to prove that you are a WYRM and not a WORM dragon.You put 5,000 children in me and now they need a father to teach them!

Panel 7, Chrysalis:
Our marriage will be held in Canterlot, unless you object.

*Spike raises a talon and opens his mouth to object to the marriage, but then decides not to.

Panel 10, Chrysalis:
You should be happy, you're about to become a king!


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@Blood Brandy
Eh I may do things ever so often but it will mostly be of spike since he is pretty much the only character I really like. Then again if he wasn't a dragon, I probably wouldn't have bothered drawing anything mlp related to begin with.