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safe1974875 artist:sweetsound157 applejack188029 fluttershy238568 pinkie pie238868 rainbow dash259712 rarity203411 twilight sparkle333348 alicorn275092 pony1327281 alice margatroid40 crossover68908 female1606445 hinanai tenshi17 ibuki suika39 komeiji satori35 mai waifus have met18 mane six35361 mare619966 patchouli knowledge91 pixiv14436 shameimaru aya32 shanghai67 touhou1200 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138754


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Background Pony #E934
@Background Pony #68A1  
That would be Suika Ibuki, and she likes to party. I can imagine she’d get on well with Pinkie, despite the fact that she is in a constant state of inebriation.
Background Pony #BB80
“Wow, you’re pretty good at dodging all that bullet rain! But…can you dodge THIS rain?”
[Party Sign - Chocolate Milk Catastrophe]