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safe1727937 artist:beavernator877 night light2353 princess celestia95874 spike79546 star swirl the bearded2041 sunset shimmer63889 trixie68124 twilight sparkle303227 alicorn228657 pony988115 comic110318 dream2723 female1382177 filly68256 foreshadowing190 mare491418 momlestia1000 pointy ponies3407 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124957


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Background Pony #D919
I dont know, I love the idea that someone doesnt have to be biologically related to someone to be their true family.

For all intents and purposes Twilight is basically Spike's mom, Rainbow Dash is more Scootaloo's family than her loser absentee parents and Celestia was basically the only mother Sunset Shimmer ever had.
Background Pony #70C1
When Twilight first wakes up, her eyes are the same color as Celestia's.
One panel later, they're their normal darker shade of purple.
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I got to say, at the end Twilight seems like she is conflicted. Torn between the fact that she loves her actual parents, and the dream of being Celestia's daughter.
Background Pony #CC6C
I'm pretty certain there's a way to twist canon around until this becomes possible.
Background Pony #4F66
At first, this may sound like a plausible theory, but then who would have been the father? Then, however, after reading the recent idw comics, which is considered canon, I do believe if may be safe to theorize that the Good King Sombra may have had some "relations" with Celestia.
Background Pony #D391
I can only imagine what Twilight Velvet would say.

"Perfect huh? I guess all those time I raised you meant nothing."
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She's not far from the truth. But while Twilight Sparkle was enjoying life as Celestia's personal student, the Princess' true heir was living as a humble musician, only visiting her alma mater from time to time to experiment with a certain magic mirror….

Background Pony #F93A
i didnt like the end. looks like twilight doesnt really liked her parents at all.
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It doesn't convey feels like the Spike one, but I'm not sure it's trying to.
Twilight's expression in the last panel is more conflicted than regretful, like she feels bad about the whole thing — presumably because she has no problems with her real parents, but Celestia is… Celestia.
Spiked Punch

Meh. Doesn't quite work like the Spike one.
Spike's version was touching because he doesn't have a mom, so him discovering that this pony who raised him, and who he adores as family, is his actual mom would be great.

But Twilight has parents. Good parents apparently.
Making it so she's Celestia's daugther would only be a way to force the "destiny" crap around. Twilight's good being Celestia's apprentice, she doesn't need the family drama.