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sketchtime! fetish intensifies. i was sketching during traveling with a train today. exciting.smartphone zombies everywhere so no danger at all, but still exciting. well i couldnt decide between Dash and Rares so i drawed both and i still had some time and empty space left so suddenly Sweetie,too. nothing lewd about her. she is just wearing a medical device. to get her teeth checked out. in a total nonsexual way. what were you even thinking? some anons.


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"rarity, gag" is what I usually think whenever I see pics of her. /rimshot

I desperately wish I could find the example I’m thinking of but my e621-fu is not strong enough, but I’d love to see you do some implied impending oral, with the lady rigged up in a rig similar to the chair you described and a nice accomodating ring gag. But with handlebars. Text implying things like "good thing you don’t have a gag reflex" bonus points.
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okay, you got to do something with rarity at some point. we don’t have enough of her in an eroitc situation i would say.
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oh i´m still working on a sketch combining dental gags with a pillory so that should fix that problem. or i can go full medical and use one of those gynecological chairs. with some minor adjustments like restraints. or this silly through wall thing.hmm…or i draw something cute. this sexual stuff is starting to bore me.again.
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