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safe1706500 artist:rariedash464 applejack169909 fili-second837 fluttershy212673 mane-iac1630 masked matter-horn829 mistress marevelous734 pinkie pie216219 radiance813 rainbow dash233963 rarity181841 saddle rager836 twilight sparkle300339 zapp814 alicorn224440 dragon56291 earth pony248769 pegasus291866 pony967616 unicorn323361 power ponies (episode)1850 eyes closed93553 female1363146 floppy ears52319 gritted teeth12244 hooves17848 horn67280 lineless3817 mane six31906 mare480592 open mouth145860 power ponies2736 teeth9776 text59551 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123666


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Planeswalker — FoME
"Only one hope was left."

That even superpowered hair can't stand up to the strain, relativistically increased mass, and Cherenkov radiation inherent in moving faster than light?