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Background Pony #BCED
They do not seem to be slowing down yet. This image is already on p. 11 and it’s not even 3 hours later.

Usage usually goes up on a Saturday, but not this much.

I thought that we would be around 30 pages rather than around 25.

Pretty much this.

Go screw yourself.

@Tenafly Viper
Reasonable question. I look at every page almost every day, but I’ve never seen anything that stood out to me before now. I think Coco reached about 33 pages. Nothing I’ve ever seen has made it hit 45.
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Silver Bit
Magnificent Metadata Maniac - #1 Assistant

Yes, there was an unusually high amount of completely unaltered and highly redundant screen shots from the episode being posted.

Not only does posting a straight screen shot pretty much amount to shouting, "Hey, Guys! Did you see that? Huh? Didya? Didya?" but on top of that, everybody was doing it with images from the same few seconds of animation.
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