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suggestive168021 artist:glamourpink109 pinkie pie234767 twilight sparkle327247 human189614 20131109 ass64816 bikini21821 blushing231499 bracelet12248 breasts330314 busty pinkie pie12466 busty twilight sparkle14056 butt164055 butt touch5835 clothes541361 duo101168 duo female17708 earring26225 female1557701 females only14683 hairclip1319 hand on butt3493 horn109163 horned humanization7403 humanized108053 lesbian106676 light skin4862 looking at you207950 looking back70916 looking back at you21603 presenting28604 ribbon8019 shipping225073 sideboob12310 sling bikini1685 swimsuit33901 thong6845 thong swimsuit859 twinkie1965 wedgie1627


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Acolyte of Madness
Me: DAYUM! HEeeelllooo, I say babe, your looking awesome in that bikini. ;D  
Pinkie: Hee, thanks. X3  
Twilight: What about me?  
Me: Hmm? oh, uh, yeah, your cute too… lets go down to beach and play in the water.  
Pinkie: Okay! o
Background Pony #4CDB
I can’t help but think how hideously unconfortable that suit must be for Twilight. I can feel that thing riding up in places I don’t even have.