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safe1616052 artist:secretgoombaman123451234 bon bon15680 lyra heartstrings28426 sweetie drops15680 pony883886 belly25957 big belly9597 chubby cheeks3336 cuddling7900 fat20670 fat fetish1277 feedee484 feeder410 feeder bon bon75 female1286425 fetish36621 lard-ra heartstrings179 lesbian91877 lyra feedee84 lyrabon3161 morbidly obese7235 obese10713 shipping188385 snuggling6346 thunder thighs7248 weight gain3828


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Background Pony #6A92
A skilled unicorn could probably perform maintenance on the heart and other vital organs without making a single incision. Combine it with the innate toughness of ponies (AJ could survive falling from ~10 times her own height with no injuries), and you've got yourself a heart-attack-proof horse.