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grimdark29740 grotesque10972 artist:catfood-mcfly666 applejack157088 fluttershy195605 pinkie pie201208 rainbow dash216991 rarity167758 twilight sparkle279093 abuse6220 blood22189 cannibalism526 cute173183 eat40 eating8507 fetish34220 flutterbuse523 flutterprey547 funny3563 gore3993 grimcute362 guro574 hard vore248 island312 mane six28887 omnivore twilight77 ponies eating meat870 sacrifice129 starvation76 twipred653 vore13575 why2376


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Background Pony #876C
@Background Pony #D629
I thought they only did that in times of desperation, when their bodies lack nutrients. Ponies are grazing animals, they don't hunt and they live off of plants.
Background Pony #9A6D
Who else is going to tame wild animals or harmful creatures the other five girls encounter?

Fluttershy: "Oh my! We're stranded out here with nothing to eat,… I would so hate for my friends to starve to death…"