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@Changeling #273
I don’t think you read this well. I’m saying, she went into hiding so the enemy would think she’s dead. on C&C when each tiberium war ends, GDI ALWAYS thinks they killed Kane, and NOD goes into hiding, only to come back, then Kane reappears and the Brotherhood of NOD’s morale skyrockets. The fans of Molestia should join up under a name just to make this reference, that way if Molly ever returns in greatness it will be epic to see
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

(Previously known as Dashu)

A strip about some random button. And it’s hilarious in hindsight because APM is down now.

Yeah… I’m not even going to question that "logic".
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>inb4 Molestia is Equestria’s Kane

You can’t kill the Messiah…

Seriously, he survived the first War, the Second, supposedly killed in the third, only to come back soon after… this guy is immortal… and if Molestia survived one tumblr nuke… she will return someday… maybe not by John’s hands, but by someone else’s
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Background Pony #F768
Eh, this blog’s been going downhill since season 1 anyways. First post, that’s the only one I want to see.
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@Wheatley Higgins
Dearly beloved
We gather here to say our goodbyes
Here she lies
No one knew her worth
The late great daughter of Rule34
On these nights when we celebrate her scores…

In that little town of Ponyville
We raise our glass, you bet your ass to
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Wheatley Higgins
Let us commend Princess Molestia to the mercy of…herself.

We therefore commit her Tumblr blog to the Hasbro;

Earth to Earth

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust;

In the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternial life.

Anypony got some words to say? You know…about her highness?
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