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*computer monitor breaks*
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Well we don’t have any idea of how the musical is supposed to work. I mean, we know the NAME is based around “The Maid of the Mountains”, but likely not the story, as that ends on a boat.
But if the story is based around an Earth Pony, it’d likely make more sense to use one, even if there’s a scene with a pulley-system that needs her up in the air, as opposed to, say, putting a Pegasus-pony in a costume where their wings can’t be seen, until she needs to fly.
Y’know, seeing as how a costume may need several fixings, over the course of many performances, but ROPE? Rope’s pretty easy to use, and tied around a mare, “one size fits all” for its intended purpose.
Background Pony #AF29
When I first saw this when scrolling down I thought she was getting lynnched Town of Salem style.
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💙Glass Sight's Chocopon💙
Wow, I guess I totally forgot this scene.  
Definitely not season 5.  
And it`s still not Applejack. Aaaw…  
Still very cutr!

It’s strange how the best contemporary musical show in a theater located in a thriving city has the actress hanged by a rope and not held with magic by off-stage unicors crew.
Background Pony #8986
It’s a good play, caught the live version on PBC last Hearth’s Warming. The Bridleway version is better.