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safe1586409 artist:danjiisthmus9 applejack159840 big macintosh26711 earth pony205769 pony856573 apple tree2835 armor21838 crying40218 feels1538 flower22771 grass8432 male326246 orchard340 sad22760 siblings6448 stallion94362 tail wrap5965 tree28282 unshorn fetlocks21807 yoke305


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Background Pony #BB91
The farmer's colt has gone to war, in the ranks of death you'll find him.
His armor secured tight to hisvbridel, and his wood yoke lost behind him.
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The courage to jump...
Willing to fight, willing to kill, willing to suffer, willing to die. So that the ones he loves will never have to.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Mac: I'm not doing this for me, sis….I'm doing this to keep all of y'all safe

AJ: what'll I tell Apple Bloom??

Mac: tell her, I'll miss her, along with you and Granny, but I will someday, return….I hope
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"AH'm goin' t' fight th' changelin's"

"ya mean th' army of redshirts that me an' the gals took down easily?"

"…Well. Huh. Not sure wh' ah was worried about this."

Big Mac joined the army and is going to war.
He says one last goodbye to his sister in case he doesn't return.

Feels ensue.