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>>502087 except not 20MB
safe (1426281)artist:zonkpunch (168)applejack (147498)gilda (8519)pinkie pie (188688)rainbow dash (203501)spike (68279)twilight sparkle (259838)dragon (37463)earth pony (147557)griffon (21304)pegasus (187254)pony (694298)unicorn (202311)animated (84574)background pony (7451)blinking (2826)blushing (153492)bored (1214)commission (40486)crack shipping (3184)crossed hooves (1450)cute (148008)dilated pupils (527)eyes closed (67784)eye shimmer (1047)female (757918)frown (19552)gildadorable (282)hat (64545)heart (37776)hug (22569)kissing (20011)lidded eyes (18583)looking away (2832)looking back (41702)looking down (5352)male (257152)mare (334022)mistletoe (1420)prone (20423)running (4611)shipping (164070)sideways glance (344)smiling (182700)spikabetes (1463)spilda (69)straight (109205)surprise kiss (611)talking (3512)unicorn twilight (7890)wavy mouth (2929)wide eyes (14259)youtube link (4298)


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Background Pony #5650
everyone keeps mistaking it to be Tiarawhy’s on youtube because he uploaded it, it’s not even his art style!
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Comments25 comments posted