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dead source23164 questionable110968 artist:rwl320 pinkie pie216238 rarity181868 earth pony248872 pony967885 unicorn323501 aftercare110 bdsm6799 blushing197696 collar33144 comforting1284 comic109136 concerned838 cuffs4431 cute199845 cute porn6240 dialogue65547 dildo13992 drinking3478 english949 faic12331 feels1566 female1363427 glass4675 glass of water113 lesbian97004 masochism315 no mouth503 no nose365 paddle768 pinkie being pinkie1280 plot79039 plug153 raripie832 sad24530 sex toy25434 shipping200278 sore8 spank mark1028 spanked269 spanking2723 top drop1 water13261 worried3931


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That's really cute.

And yes, I really can imagine that such plays can be hard on the dominant person too. I mean, usually you like and maybe even love your submissive partner and both consent doing that stuff. But still, hitting and insulting a beloved one can cause some inner conflict, even if they need it, I guess.

Also nice touch on adding something random that makes Pinkie being Pinkie, suddenly saying, "You smell really nice." Haha.
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I've never had sex, but I'm pretty sure I would need to be pinkie pie in the last panel even if it was just normal sex. I'm terrified of how I'll feel and more importantly how the other person feels. If I ever do get married, I'm more likely to be terrified of the 'wedding night' than excited. I actually wonder if I'd try to tell some sort of lie to get around it. Dear goodness, this comment got way to personal.
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This is great! Too many times aftercare is portrayed as if it were purely for the sub; it's worth remembering that giving the sub what they want can be rough on the dom as well.

Aftercare is for everypony.

Awww this is so sweet! Pinkie Ponk is so sweet to Marshmallow Pone.
"I didn't mean all that bad stuff I said, I love you Rarity."
"I know sweetheart, I know."
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Too many people show the BSDM part, and not like the aftercare part. It makes this scene much more adorable and cute since it shows that the dom cares so much C: