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Dont judge me, just enjoy it XD…
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Krillin: "Why won't you eat the senzu beans?!"

Luna: "We're not dumb you know."

Krillin: "What are you talking about?"

Celestia: "You're probably gonna poison us with it."

Krillin: "Oh, those aren't poison. They're suppoused to help you recover very quickly."

Luna: "Really? Well, then. We will try this 'Senzu Beans'." Eats one.

Celestia: "Wait Luna!"

Luna: "W-what?! We are healed already?!"

Krillin: "Told ya."
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am i the only one that notices that Luna is more scuffed up then Celestia? that just goes to show that Luna is way cooler then her sister. and like fututre trunks who doesn't take his time and let's his opponents power up, that's how he beat freeza and Cold, he wasn't a half saiyan of words, he was a half saiyan of action. which is also Luna's other title, Princess of action while Celestia is the Princess of Words

To be honest,I really liked how Broly was an out of control power house with nothing to lose. However, I think three movies were a bit much- I can kind of see why you guys call him a villian sue- He's cool at first,but then as the movies progressed, it got a little boring and I found myself seeing Broly as just another cut and copy Dragonball character. Oh the times,where have you gone.