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Background Pony #4825
Why does this picture have so many downvot-..oh. THAT’s why. Justified.

The glass pane is here in the opening credits…before she does anything? Okay if it was near the end, that would of been okay. But seriously?

Lets make something unargueable here if we put into context that Celestia is Twilight’s mother figure, and vice-versa daughter-wise…

..Celestia made Twilight the same status as herself and wants to spoil her with praise.
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@Background Pony #473E
Promo images make sense, though I note that in the past, the ew.com articles lack the Hub bug in favor of their own EW watermark ( http://family-room.ew.com/tag/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic/page/2/ eg).
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Background Pony #1DCE
Image – not fake, screenshot leaked from upcoming Entertainment Weekly promo, episode title – fake.
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Background Pony #ABDE
>Also, has the show ever used open-quotation marks at the end of the title before?

There do use quotation marks, yes, but they are very inconsistent.

Example: Return of Harmony Part 1 and 2 have them facing towards each other.
Lesson Zero and Luna Eclipsed have them facing the same direction.
Sisterhooves Social, facing each other.
Cutie Pox comes along and…they’re facing the same direction again…

In Season 3 however, this seems to be fixed.
With the exception of the two Crystal Empire episodes, every episode has the quotes facing each other.
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Japanese Teeth
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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Clock. Is. Ticking.
Okay, I think this could be real. Here’s my reasoning:

1. Shading: it looks like they added bloom to the lighting to simulate the effect of light coming in through the windows. This explains both the oddity of the colorization (it looks washed out because the light is bright) and odd shading.

2. The logo could simply indicate that the clip is taken from a promo.

3. The title is so similar to the listed title that they may have just decided to change it and the change didn’t make it into the listings.

4. The stained glass window matches the promo image perfectly.

5. Most importantly, if someone was going to go through the trouble of making a fake screencap, why would they make one of a scene that shows so little? You’d think they’d make one that actually shows something interesting happening; this one is honestly kinda humdrum. Yeah the faker could be doing that for verisimilitude, but why go to the trouble?

The only really weird thing is the aspect ratio, and that could just be the leaker cropping out like a running time or something.

Granted, it’s not proof that this isn’t fake, but I think it makes more sense for it to be real.
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