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If she’s just witnessing past events then she would be ignored as it’s just showing it has it happened, so she wasn’t actually there, it would be time travel if she was actually there.
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I exist, probably.
@Background Pony #4383
I don’t think that’s how its actually going down no, if the animatic was any indicator then Twilight is only witnessing past events as NMM’s line to Celestia insinuates its their first confrontation and Twilight was completely ignored despite being an alicorn princess who was between them.
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Background Pony #B09E
Amusing bit of speculation which, I’m sure, you don’t believe. We’ll find out in a bit less than 2 weeks.
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Background Pony #8C69
Switch that to source besides 4chan. Unless someone has been in the Hub directories again, at least post so.
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