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This is a Familiar.
A Familiar is an OC with a red and black mane, eyes of undefined, often red color, and a white, grey, or black coat.
Have fun
dead source25152 safe1750166 artist:radiationalpha62 pinkie pie220134 oc711758 alicorn232843 pony1010217 equestria girls206968 absurd resolution67006 alicorn oc27616 censorship171 derp6915 donut steel626 edgy1612 familiar84 fangs26678 long horn456 male387928 novelty censor133 original character do not steal752 pointy horn28 red and black oc1736 screaming3538 semi-vulgar88 slit pupils5091 solo1094168 sunburst background984 vector77853 vulgar21151


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