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safe1770551 artist:mick-o-maikeru23 derpy hooves51019 nightmare moon17355 rarity187309 pegasus316929 pony1030593 unicorn350855 vampire4147 bipedal36852 clothes482953 costume29325 dress46632 fangs27294 featured image919 female1419212 floppy ears55539 goth2341 gothic490 gritted teeth13543 halloween8983 jack-o-lantern2519 mare511396 mare in the moon1784 moon24556 night27903 nightmare derpy17 nightmare night4893 open mouth158328 raised hoof49389 shocked7366 smiling267035 spread wings58246 wide eyes17549


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Background Pony #9ED7
This is so freakin’ adorable.  
Derpy is all like, “BWAAAAAAAH!”  
But then Rarity… well, I’m pretty sure the whole “nightmare” motif might bring…bad memories. cough nightmarerarity cough