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Uploaded by Background Pony #FB50
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safe (1456656)artist:mick-o-maikeru (20)derpy hooves (46351)nightmare moon (15225)rarity (160202)pegasus (197342)pony (722258)unicorn (214603)vampire (2911)bipedal (27564)clothes (365343)costume (22645)dress (35830)fangs (18337)featured image (718)female (783960)floppy ears (42173)goth (1507)gothic (365)gritted teeth (9330)halloween (6583)jack-o-lantern (1949)mare (350006)mare in the moon (1493)moon (19348)night (19977)nightmare derpy (13)nightmare night (4244)open mouth (107293)raised hoof (32934)shocked (4899)smiling (188158)spread wings (41977)wide eyes (14938)


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #6D50
This is so freakin’ adorable.
Derpy is all like, "BWAAAAAAAH!"
But then Rarity… well, I’m pretty sure the whole "nightmare" motif might bring…bad memories. cough nightmarerarity cough
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Comments23 comments posted