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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


I personally don’t like "cum on" pictures at all. Some like it, no problem. However, too often I see a very hot picture spoiled by dirty mayonaise spread all over. It’s only forgivable if a "clean" version is available. Unfortunately, way too often, it’s not. So yeah, a hot picture but with multiple versions is the best thing to do. Cum all over for cum lover, a dick for closetted gay people,shit for scat lover, ect… with the "normal" and "clean" version available, of course.

So, editors and modders, go nuts. Just link to the source.
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@The Mike
(cum) on, you know what I mean…
Either it’s squirting out of her, or it’s splattered over her. What’s better is if it’s both, whether it’s in one picture or two separate ones.
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