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suggestive159888 artist:evov1135 princess luna105049 queen chrysalis37441 human180339 ass59018 black underwear4048 breast pillow122 breasts315594 busty princess luna7888 busty queen chrysalis4185 butt135830 chrysmoon288 clothes519110 corset4823 couch9672 feet45431 female1501957 fingernails511 garter belt4151 garters3062 horned humanization7228 humanized105701 jewelry80148 lesbian103813 lingerie11677 nail polish9019 necklace23423 seductive look1547 seductive pose1924 shipping218359 stockings38202 stupid sexy chrysalis902 stupid sexy princess luna810 toenails642 underwear66712 white underwear3634 winged humanization9184


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Background Pony #7268
there will be naked version of this if it hits 500 favs on dA.  
you know what to do guys! we can do it :3

These pics make me feel odd… I’m not one for yuri (have nothing against it though), yet I can’t help but still really appreciate it. Is it perhaps the quality?