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Ted Anderson (story) responds to criticism about the recently released Equestria Girls comic.


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Sunset Shimmer Fan
I bought the Annual on Wednesday, but didn't have time to read it until last night. Honestly, I was fine with the story. Sure, the ages of the characters were inconsistent with the canon, but so what? It's an alternate universe.

The real problem was that Tony Fleecs's art was unusually sloppy (giant head syndrome) and the colouring was rather flat (their eyes looked kinda dead).

Y'all are bitching about stupid stuff.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I really don't get why are people so vocal hateful of this comic. It wasn't that bad. Sure it wasn't perfect but it had some good parts in it.

Well, you need to stand up before you can fall down.
But I wasn't being harsh with Ted Anderson, only sympathetic. I think he got his work tainted like a young woman some years ago.

The author complains about the crap they threw in his story, and we are the ones being negatives.

And I was being sarcastic at first.

Or maybe not. Lighten up. It's all a joke.

They turned his story into shit! I can't believe this things happen!

Babs older than AJ… well at least it fits will all EqG crap not being canon.
Background Pony #A709
Why not just create a NEW villain instead of using a pre-existing character?