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safe1753671 artist:andypriceart3120 megan williams895 nightmare moon17240 observer (character)84 sunset shimmer64941 changeling49913 diamond dog3542 headless horse279 pony1013242 rat328 unicorn343546 zebra18389 g114951 idw15475 spoiler:comic10755 spoiler:comicannual201364 black magic57 book34617 cannibalism577 crisis on infinite earths11 crisis on infinite equestrias9 dc comics1396 everfree forest2076 fringe54 g1 to g43852 generation leap5887 h.p. lovecraft45 library3293 lovecraft107 map1406 necronomicon99 new horseleans7 observer327 ponyville6091 quantum leap26 salem8 sam beckett16 scroll3481 soylent green27 the amityville horror3 there is more than one of everything7 trotsylvania3 walter bishop6 william bell2 z.f.t.2 zulu16


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Looking at that book Sunset’s reading, I guess the Necronomicon finally got away from Ash, huh?
“Klaatu – Barada – N – N – Darn it, I know it’s something with an ‘n’…”
Background Pony #7F69
“There is more than one of everything” refers to a future story arc in the comics. “Who was Megan?” hints at the story of Scorpan in G4.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

So is “History of the Preservers” a Star Trek reference or a Starcraft one? I’m inclined to say the former, as it fits the general theme here, but I don’t know a thing about the latter.
Background Pony #6671
(Looks to far right, sees ‘Soylent Green Recipes’)  
I’ve gotta tell ‘em! SOYLENT GREEN IS PONIES! I’ve gotta stop’ em! Somehow! They’ve gotta listen! THEY’VE GOTTA LISTEN!