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safe1751179 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1014 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel edits49 pinkie pie220269 princess celestia96781 princess luna100806 rainbow dash238633 alicorn232978 earth pony266211 pegasus309371 pony1011202 alternate hairstyle29085 beach16032 beach ball1569 big no200 blue feather48 cloud32113 cup6497 drink5054 drinking3603 feather6275 female1402458 floppy ears54548 hiding1471 ice cream5199 ice cream cone638 magic75413 mare502471 missing accessory8384 palm tree1615 ponytail18853 royal sisters4603 sand2520 sky14982 straw2032 telekinesis28746 tree33538 umbrella2798 unhappy315 wide eyes17402


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Those can still see rainbow dash hiding in the palm tree over hers and pinkie pie's serve that made a beachball land on princess Luna's ice cream cone getting ice cream over her and princess celesta.

I like to think Dash's aim with a beach ball is pretty spot-on, so

A: either Pinks just didn't jump high enough (which is a little hard to believe considering all her pronking)
B: Tia just happens to think that her sister should have shared that cone when she asked nicely.

cue Pinkie bursting into song
cue eternal Sun banishment
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I love how unfazed Celestia is. Not saying that she had a part in it, but she is most certainly amused by this occurrence.