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Just thought coloring this fine picture might be neat~
Original: >>451843
explicit411411 artist:fearingfun1431 artist:mooniearts135 night light2711 princess cadance36430 shining armor25676 twilight sparkle330325 twilight velvet4987 alicorn270269 pony1298997 balls93877 bedroom eyes71309 blushing235276 eating11502 exhibitionism11168 eyes closed118303 family5047 female1582118 food86154 hind hoofjob462 hoof fetish2639 hoofjob2200 horsecock84741 incest15708 infidelity8307 magic85301 male451572 mare605690 multitasking227 nudity445716 open mouth193733 penis184731 public sex4063 sex146456 sheath2993 shiningsparkle1667 sitting77245 smiling324360 stealth sex1136 straight157519 table11116 telekinesis33565 thrill of almost being caught632 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137431 under the table471


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Classy hooves

If I was shining armor I’d say, fuck this food then * flips table over and starts, thrusting into his little sister hooves intill he cums all ever her*
Background Pony #E6AB
It’s going to be awkward when it’s time to get up from the table. He can always blame the boner on sitting next to Cadence I guess.
Background Pony #165E
This seems like the kind of teasing that Twilight would do to her brother. I want to see more.
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You know what this needs? To have Cadance stimulate Night Light beneath the table, with the latter smiling and acting like everything’s alright because he thinks it’s his his wife being playful!
Background Pony #1E9E
Someone’s got poop-colored magic. :I
Also, I didn’t notice in the original that Night Light’s crotch is plainly visible too.