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Trixie: Give up now and maybe I’ll spare you!  
Spike: Seriously?
Don’t know much about acceptable GIF resolutions so hopefully 500 x 336 is ok.
Also I’m not sure what category to put this in so hopefully it’s in the right one, if not please tell me!
I still don’t know why I made this, I have almost no experience with animation.
MLP:FIM belongs to hasbro.
safe1754994 artist:subjectnumber2394129 trixie68833 twilight sparkle306653 pony1014805 unicorn344068 animated101101 balancing1025 bipedal36302 cape10762 clothes477308 duo65071 duo female12034 epic fight6 eyes closed98557 female1405593 fight6305 gif32239 hat90693 hoofy-kicks762 internet fight25 mare504038 open mouth155332 raised leg8106 rearing5885 screaming3548 shadow4389 simple background410532 sissy slap fight44 tongue out108636 trixie's cape3939 trixie's hat4764 unicorn twilight18789 white background102878


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