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safe (1429574)artist:amy mebberson (372)idw (12803)aino minako (29)chibi-usa (45)comic (89603)hino rei (40)kaioh michiru (10)kino makoto (41)meioh setsuna (9)mizuno ami (28)sailor chibi moon (20)sailor jupiter (87)sailor mars (60)sailor mercury (57)sailor moon (1190)sailor neptune (23)sailor pluto (20)sailor saturn (19)sailor uranus (22)sailor venus (72)tenoh haruka (8)tomoe hotaru (9)tsukino usagi (114)

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Background Pony #4F00
I like the Saturn and Chibi-usa ponies. Adorable little fillys. Amy Mebberson is also friends with SM fan JetWolf so she did a picture of JW as a pony.
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Background Pony #4EB3
>not always caring about sailor moon
>not having recorded all episodes and showing them to your kids
>mot laughing at your kids for not understanding japanese and asking you untie them from the seat
>not slowly losing it as you dress in japanese school girl outfits, talking to your cat and fighting the monster
>not being sectioned and never from again
Get on my level

By omission, the show has been plenty clear: earth ponies are inferior to their brethren and wouldn’t be suitable for it.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I still remember, when I was 13, I wasn’t even watching the anime just thinking about it when it hit me

"Waitaminute… those two were TOTALLY LESBIANS"
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