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safe1752705 artist:dm291668 twilight sparkle306439 alicorn233220 pony1012480 anatomy429 anatomy chart47 anatomy guide57 bellyrubs1133 chart901 cute205942 cutie mark49814 diabetes643 ears523 english1003 eye1694 eyes2004 female1403768 female equine1 figure1263 hooves18271 horn77991 hug29169 julian yeo is trying to murder us246 looking at you176000 mare503157 muzzle471 parts of an equestria pony3 plot82161 raised hoof48500 science1254 simple background409894 smiling261696 solo1095786 spread wings57198 tail31125 text62292 twiabetes12290 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126281 winged unicorn40 wub380


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Background Pony #E434
So to be clear:  
This is an image hosting site for my little pony art and not scientific diagrams.  
… If that’s so what is this doing here ?