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safe1750696 artist:joey darkmeat761 artist:krazy321 princess celestia96764 twilight sparkle306161 alicorn232925 pony1010652 unicorn342352 absurd resolution67010 bed42356 cute205729 cutelestia3670 dialogue67958 female1402055 friendshipping577 frown23570 glare8303 golden oaks library5229 mare502249 mouth hold18076 night27358 pillow18657 sitting65596 sleepover377 smiling261022 speech bubble24434 stars16290 twilight is not amused1520 unamused16760 unicorn twilight18696 window8923


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i like to imagine that when you´re imortal and have to deal with tons of stuff for long times, you will just get tired of and/or get cray, or at least decide to get back at your mentality of when you was just 12 year old, wich depending of how you look at it, its reasonable
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
new head canon, Celestia has problems dealing with the memory of when her sister went Nightmare Moon and is therefore scared of the dark.
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Piriton is a drowsy antiaisthmine, buy it over the counter. It will help you sleep. There is Piroteze too but this is a daytime one so wont make you sleep.Warm glass of milk will help you sleep or Ovaltine.