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safe1613859 artist:king-kakapo1125 fluttershy202832 pegasus256678 pony881458 blatant lies1229 blushing182277 chest fluff34258 choker10252 chokershy215 clothes425238 cute185962 denial309 denial's not just a river in egypt28 dialogue60895 ear fluff25266 eyes closed83945 female1284604 fluffy13252 fluttermaid72 fluttertsun22 i'm not cute365 lies427 madorable607 maid5436 mare438819 mary janes1093 open mouth129629 out of character842 shyabetes12429 solo1002158 tantrum123 tsundere2702 yelling2876


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Artist -

I've got to agree with Fluttershy on this one. It doesn't look cute, it looks stupid. It might work on Rainbow Dash, though. Good luck convincing her to try it.