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dead source24560 safe1728519 artist:allosaurus252 artist:longinius822 edit134286 princess celestia95903 twilight sparkle303296 alicorn228779 pony988732 unicorn332975 colored19673 cute203071 eyes closed95724 female1382692 floppy ears53303 hug28735 lesbian98155 lidded eyes31270 mare491734 momlestia1001 shipping203050 smiling254628 snuggling6570 twilestia2537 winghug2946


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Background Pony #63D9

Yes, how dare someone draw a cute picture of Celestia embracing the pony she mentored and helped become the mare she is today.

Clearly it's outrageous. Because thee's only room for one motherly figure in anyone's life, yes?
Background Pony #3903
I bet Twilight's mom is real happy about her daughter being estranged from her
Silent Sky

This may very well me the most adorable thing I have ever laid eyes on. Bravo.

I am not even joking when I say this actually gave me heartburn. I offer you the highest of brohooves.