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So this is a thing I managed to get yesterday evening for my new tab page for Chrome. So being that this didn’t take me too long to figure out, allow me to run this down for a moment. And it’s rather easy to manage.

Gear Icon=configuration. You can change the background of your page and it can even take gifs (thus explains the purple pone in the tiles).

Squares=Apps. Your apps that you would normally have on your front page.

Rectangles=widgets. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix (which I use a lot of), etc.

Clock=RECENTLY CLOSED TABS (hallelujah.wav). This is self-explanatory.

Padlock=Grid (un)lock. This one won’t take you very long to learn. In fact, this is where you select a square under normal circumstances, it will lead you to the indicated page. Click the lock icon to unlock the grid (changing the lock color from white to red). Now you can customize those empty black squares to lead you to another one of your favorite websites. Provide the name, web address, and square color for your link. Further customization can even lead you to take screenshots of the page you want to show (or not since some of you have pr0n). If the screen doesn’t capture immediately then close the tab, open a new one and you can screen-cap the page you want.

Have fun.

(P.S.: That rectangular box taking up two spaces is your open tabs. You can either exit them or pin them to the browser.)


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