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safe1706835 artist:ponythroat531 basil395 fluttershy212697 dragon56326 pegasus291973 pony968014 dragonshy922 badass3267 butt58926 crying43577 detailed778 drool24779 eyes closed93588 female1363491 flutterbadass779 forked tongue1180 male372842 mare480818 maw823 mawshot1457 open mouth145910 plot79041 scene interpretation8610 spittle115 surprised9273 tongue out103987 underhoof52101


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Background Pony #9CA4
The dragon right before he lunges forward and eats Fluttershy. Her life ended shortly after she was forced down his throat and landed in his stomach. The digestive juices made her into nutritions for him in a few hours.
Background Pony #FB08
I thought it was just a simple art, then I went to the source and saw the comments…

Good god…