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Barry Tone
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Christ's God: יהוה

Jesus Christ, What am I supposed to do as a kind thing when I see something like that? P.S. Is not the word "God" Ambiguous? It has been in the past to my knowledge and I treat it as such.
Background Pony #7CE9
All this meme talk is oddly reminding me of viral videos that were popular when I was in high school (yep, internet nostalgia). Numa Numa, Chocolate Rain, Yatta!, and a good few others (yeah I admit I kinda liked the music related ones more). I hate how the internet makes me feel old simply because "what's trending" in the meme and viral video world changes so often (like right now we're pretty much passed "Gangnam Style" and already moved onto "The Fox").
Background Pony #3F56
@Background Pony
At least most memes can be modified into different jokes/situations.

Scootachicken is just "LOL SCOOTALOO IS CHIKUN LOL" over and over again with very little variance between the joke. How exactly do people still find it amusing three years later?