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2013 NATG Finale: Draw any/all previous prompts.

Congratulations to this year’s participants!
safe (1378377)artist:wryte (125)apple bloom (41904)applejack (142615)big macintosh (24428)bon bon (14174)bulk biceps (2863)button mash (3384)carrot cake (1851)cheerilee (8608)cranky doodle donkey (753)cup cake (3241)derpy hooves (45054)discord (25816)dj pon-3 (26233)doctor whooves (9246)donut joe (692)fleur-de-lis (2881)fluttershy (177633)iron will (1230)lightning dust (3739)lyra heartstrings (25429)mayor mare (2639)octavia melody (20549)peewee (264)photo finish (2322)pinkie pie (182918)princess cadance (27267)princess celestia (81296)princess luna (85911)queen chrysalis (28042)rainbow dash (197419)rarity (151809)scootaloo (45219)spike (64708)spitfire (11703)steven magnet (513)sweetie belle (42369)sweetie drops (14166)time turner (9202)trixie (54000)twilight sparkle (251057)vinyl scratch (30331)zecora (7675)oc (501888)oc:cream heart (1747)oc:phoe (72)80s (876)80s cheerilee (369)academy record (64)accent (140)alicorn (153209)alternate hairstyle (20225)arrow (1595)bass (181)beach (10357)bikini (13118)changeling (29909)cheerleader (1910)clothes (338986)cutie mark crusaders (15482)donkey (1355)dragon (33170)dream walker luna (702)earth pony (134325)facehoof (1456)fainting couch (622)female (711039)fire (8244)flex (36)gazebo (65)glaze (34)glowstick (592)hourglass (258)kissing (19175)lesbian (77502)lyrabon (2648)male (241317)mane seven (4407)mane six (25062)marshmelodrama (603)meme (71827)minotaur (709)newbie artist training grounds (4364)objection (168)ocean (4290)orange (729)pegasus (173066)pinecone (124)pom pom (836)pony (650465)rave (528)rock paper scissors (39)saloon dress (306)saloon pinkie (237)shipping (156756)showgirl (112)simple background (277700)sleeping (18509)snoring (472)straight (105145)subversion (123)sugarcube corner (1588)swimsuit (19922)table dancing (10)teacup (2170)the worst possible thing (104)train (1801)train station (235)transformation (7520)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96956)unicorn (185151)wall of tags (1617)water (9458)weight lifting (354)white background (68432)z (219)zebra (12729)zzz (1832)


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