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source needed (9001)useless source url (1499)safe (1109461)artist:misterdavey (169)rainbow dash (167213)rarity (126510)animated (65570)blushing (108299)crush (256)cute (93585)dashabetes (3973)eyes closed (43045)eyeshadow (5183)happy (15248)heart (26600)hnnng (1386)lesbian (60485)looking at you (75588)one eye closed (10380)open mouth (62841):p (2818)pegasus (98878)pixiv (13226)pony (402245)raribetes (1577)raridash (1454)shipping (121582)sitting (30043)smiling (113583)tongue out (49193)unicorn (95592)weapons-grade cute (1808)wink (13072)

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Background Pony #9F03
I’m actually quite sure the source is not pixiv. I tried to find it there (using english and japanese tags in different searches) but couldn’t find it at all.
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