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source needed (9176)useless source url (1528)safe (1145516)artist:misterdavey (174)rainbow dash (171239)rarity (129717)animated (68109)blushing (113565)crush (262)cute (98904)dashabetes (4313)eyes closed (45569)eyeshadow (5668)happy (16204)heart (27866)hnnng (1471)lesbian (62815)looking at you (81185)one eye closed (11427)open mouth (66749):p (2885)pegasus (108970)pixiv (13246)pony (427381)raribetes (1719)raridash (1480)shipping (126190)sitting (31816)smiling (121658)tongue out (52346)unicorn (108387)weapons-grade cute (1908)wink (13724)


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Background Pony #9F03
I’m actually quite sure the source is not pixiv. I tried to find it there (using english and japanese tags in different searches) but couldn’t find it at all.
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