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source needed (8631)useless source url (1462)safe (1059521)artist:misterdavey (160)rainbow dash (161129)rarity (121614)animated (62899)blushing (100547)crush (252)cute (86531)dashabetes (3548)eyes closed (38860)eyeshadow (4592)happy (14040)heart (24477)hnnng (1285)lesbian (56830)looking at you (67276)one eye closed (8646)open mouth (57056):p (2683)pegasus (85785)pixiv (13172)pony (365869)raribetes (1397)raridash (1361)shipping (114392)sitting (27153)smiling (101760)tongue out (44750)unicorn (80257)weapons-grade cute (1685)wink (12136)


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