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Uploaded by Background Pony #F4D3
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safe (1462323)artist:theshadowstone (594)sunset shimmer (52028)pony (727422)unicorn (217102)absurd resolution (61946)cute (154754)female (789114)floppy ears (42329)frown (20079)looking up (12314)mare (353277)sad (21051)sadorable (464)shimmerbetes (3560)simple background (300335)solo (896805)sunsad shimmer (226)transparent background (156332)vector (67800)


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Background Pony #532C
Her face when she hears that someone is making a picture of her, hoping it isn’t another r34 stuff.
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@Lawful Girly
On her whole redemption thing… wasn’t she hit with the elements? Which reverted Nightmare Moon back to a weak, sad Luna, remorseful of her ways?

Just saying that’s a pretty viable reason in my book, the way I see it.

Althought if you want, this may interest you:
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Lawful Girly's avatar
Lawful Girly
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

It’s true. They could have done so much with her as Twilight’s foil, contrasting her personality and failure to make friends, making it a "There but for the grace of Celestia go I" for Twi. Instead she’s basically a generic high school alpha bitch/Rita Repulsa knockoff with a rushed redemption at the end. We don’t even really find out anything about her as a person (or pony, as the case may be).
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Background Pony #F4D3
I do that to protect myself against the overabundant (insert anything here) haters on this site, I’m not referring to you personally though.
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Lawful Girly's avatar
Lawful Girly
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Oh, dear, was this all supposed to be happening simultaneously in the same universe? How confusing. But I’m sure mutual friendship can be in everyone’s interest (and it’s really her decision!).
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I, Da Witchfinder's avatar
I, Da Witchfinder

(Previously known as HunterSClopson)

I bet she’s sure not relishing this moment. She just didn’t have what it took to cut the mustard, now she’s gotta ketchup on friendship lessons.

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