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Another MU and EG crossover…hopefully motivating enough to every sorority, fraternity, student, or probably even support system. :lol:

:star: This is what happens when I feel the NEED to distribute other characters who, while are considerably the important ones of any given show or movie, aren’t seemingly getting enough attention; fanart implies so. Not only that, to help my skills in regards to not only drawing and sketching. Remembering my Typography class last year, there were some things that were left untaught that I must teach myself. ^^; This poster was inspired by an MU fan’s motivational poster involving Mike Wazowski and especially this EEK poster :)

To not only the Mane 6 with their adorable Wondercolts outfits, but to the sorority that is probably my favorite team(with Eta Hiss Hiss, aka HSS being a close second; heck no to PNK, and Oozma Kappa obviously being my favorite fraternity, forget Roar Omega Roar =P) that was sponsored in the Scare Games, Slugma Slugma Kappa, aka EEK. :D

:bulletblue: My favorite of the EEK girls is most definitely got to be Brynn Larson, blue girl second from the right. She is SO pretty. :aww:

Hope this poster encourages people to either score the event, win the crown, or, better yet, make that grade. ;)

Slugma Slugma Kappa from Monsters University © Pixar
Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack from Equestria Girls © Hasbro


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