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suggestive145411 artist:drantyno248 nightmare moon17056 princess celestia95792 human156669 assisted exposure1812 belly button79426 blushing200900 breasts283237 clothes466976 cutie mark underwear947 dress45228 dress lift198 embarrassed11560 embarrassed underwear exposure864 female1380865 horned humanization6836 humanized100881 humiliation2182 lingerie10664 magic74255 magic abuse580 panties50835 ribbon7157 skirt40363 skirt flip220 skirt lift4774 underwear61636 upskirt5970 white underwear3548 winged humanization8770


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@Background Pony #7BD5
With the few believe they can praise the sun when princess celesta had her dress lifted to show off a lingerie outfit when she was likely to be even more blushing when she had her panty removed by nightmare moon.
Posted Report
Background Pony #F623
she have second awesome ass in Equestria or even equal to her sis posterior
after all we can either Praise the Sun or Praise the Moon (Full Moon)…or both ^ _^