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safe1675528 artist:tsitra3601227 carrot cake2072 derpy hooves49656 pinkie pie213255 earth pony237443 pegasus279984 pony938324 cake9611 candy6840 candy cane2404 cash register219 cloud29855 cloudy6054 crepuscular rays2681 cupcake5295 cute195209 diapinkes9606 display case60 doorway361 drapes78 duo58407 dusk203 eyes closed89983 featured image864 female1335629 flying37248 food68199 happy30369 hat84340 house2165 lollipop2405 male362453 mare466012 mouth hold17017 open mouth139990 photoshop3720 picture1253 ponyville5668 shop344 shopkeeper58 smiling240175 stairs1630 stallion104754 sugarcube corner2225 trio8748 wallpaper18432 window8250


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Background Pony #0AE6
He's one of the best pony artists. He didn't deserve to be banned from DeviantArt. :( And he was trying to request to the DA mods that they lift his ban. What did he do wrong? Nothing!

Must be art thieves who reported him and claimed he stole what they called their art. smh
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I've never been a big fan of Tsitra360, but he's one of the few great artists that still does pony art since the beginning.

Shame what happened to his dA account.
Background Pony #A52E
I love the warm, rich colors in this. It really captures pinkie's feelings in the background.
Background Pony #6C10
"Honey Bun, did you invite that pink pony to live with us? She just moved in."
"I thought you did, Sugar Doodle."
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The magic's gone :-(
I'm not sure if I've seen this before and it's three years old already. Better late than never.