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Finally got my camera back, so now I can show off all the swag got from AT20.

First off…

safe1727601 angel bunny9925 apple bloom50246 applejack171549 derpy hooves50477 discord31375 dj pon-329475 doctor whooves10829 fluttershy214933 gummy5103 nightmare moon17068 opalescence2107 owlowiscious2000 pinkie pie218212 princess cadance32793 princess celestia95851 princess luna99938 queen chrysalis35147 rainbow dash236243 rarity183653 scootaloo51600 spike79521 sweetie belle49402 tank2749 time turner10826 trixie68118 twilight sparkle303175 vinyl scratch29476 winona2530 zecora9448 pegasus300203 pony987826 zebra18051 blue lantern46 cutie mark48476 cutie mark crusaders19176 female1381871 green lantern370 irl70909 mare491254 merchandise4144 photo80640 pins122 power ring13 sinestro corps41 star sapphire49 wall of tags3408


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