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Tagging this was fun…..
safe1585831 artist:saturnspace267 apple bloom46811 applejack159881 derpy hooves48403 dj pon-328204 doctor whooves10118 fluttershy199260 gummy4860 lyra heartstrings28088 pinkie pie204407 princess cadance30621 princess celestia90378 princess luna94280 queen chrysalis32543 rainbow dash220588 rarity170670 scootaloo49284 shining armor21897 spike75220 sweetie belle46813 time turner10102 trixie62625 twilight sparkle284375 vinyl scratch32299 alicorn197513 changeling40701 changeling queen12262 chicken1424 dragon48755 earth pony202788 pegasus243675 pony853414 unicorn270259 angry birds145 big crown thingy2198 confetti1731 crossover57535 cutie mark crusaders18021 element of magic1921 everypony361 female907759 filly59958 fine art parody486 first queen chrysalis picture on derpibooru1 jewelry51821 male308583 mane seven5917 mane six29630 mare419715 nom2893 parody15271 portal gun193 record633 regalia16596 stallion93910 the last supper27


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